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As a business owner you need all of the competitive advantages that you can find. Business owners that do not focus on creating clear processes, reducing waste, and implementing technology to increase productivity will find that profits erode year after year. Maintenance One Virtual CTO helps solve the challenges that you face. The cost to use our service is a fraction of hiring a full-time CTO. Our CTO service provides you with all of the benefits of a full-time employee. We strategize with you and create a living plan for the upcoming year through the next five years. Your full benefit includes all of the expertise of our entire staff.

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How our CTO service helps our clients

Vision and Strategy

Technology Vision and Strategy

Technology is one of your competitive advantages. When you partner with Maintenance One's Virtual CTO, you gain the benefit of outside vision for your current as well as future technologies that are strategic to your success. Companies all around you are looking at ways to cut costs using technology as the instrument for progress. Sit down with our CTO and let's discuss your path forward.

Team Collaboration

Local/Global Team Collaboration

True team collaboration results when members that are near or far operate at maximum efficiency. The boundaries of countries, continents, even time zones disappear. If you are operating with remote teams, or remote locations, it's time to revolutionize the way you work. Our CTO will examine your current operations and make recommendations, and when you are ready, implement a solution that will close the gaps in your current collaboration system.


Infrastructure Architect

How old is your technology infrastructure? Have you already pushed the limits of what it is capable of? What is the most important component that is holding you back? The technology that you put into place is not a forever solution. New technologies come along that incorporate multiple functions into a common tech space. The idea of reducing the need for more means that your staff is able to do more with less resulting in cost reduction. If you have been overlooking the shortages that your current technology provides, now is the time for you to speak with our CTO about modernizing your infrastructure.


Establishing and Enforcing Policy

The process of establishing policy begins with research related to the issues looking at both inside and outside your business. To create good policy one must have a full understanding of how a business actually works. A Well-crafted policy connects an organization and its management resulting in commitment to employees and the security of your data. Implementation of new policy requires your staff to first learn the policy and then commit to follow the policy. Our CTO helps you gain by creating and implementing policy to protect your business as you grow.


Technology Operations

Your IT Operations is a large part of your success. Our CTO will oversee everything from device setup, software design, new software configuration, maintenance, as well as total security of your network and data. Our service does not stop there, consider that when an incident occurs such as a server goes down, or a disaster like a fire or flood occurs, our CTO will have in place policies to resume normal operations quickly. Let's discuss how we can transform your business today.


Business Enabler

The right technology for your business promotes process success, growth, reduction in waste, as well as speed to deliver. Begin with our CTO services for your business. Key strength's you gain are process transformation, Optimization, road-maps for legacy systems, reduction on dependencies of device specific applications, and a centralized management platform. As you think strategy for the future, we will implement new technologies based on AI/BI and data analysis. The data that your business generates along with these technologies will spot trends resulting in greater strategic decision making.

" Right after a merger our labor expenses skyrocketed. With Maintenance One we upgraded our timekeeping by adding reporting tools that highlighted the source of our waste.Mike, CEO, ClearCut, Inc.
" We contacted Maintenance One to help us streamline our business process. Once they evaluated our processes, they implemented new process improvements where we realized over 20 percent increase in profits." Joe, CEO, MDI Avacado, LTD.
" Our inside sales team was not hitting their numbers. Maintenance One helped us better communicate with our prospects. Now we close more deals." Art, CEO, J&A Software, Inc.
" Our marketing needed help. Maintenance One was able to find trends in our sales leads which translated into higher sales." Chuck, CEO, Talley Sign Company